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David Bartel: Deep Sound Channel 1 (AVRCD007)


DSC + Adam Caine, Jeff Kaiser, DJ D-Wave

Jacqui Carrasco, Folkert Gorter

David Bartel:
Compositions, Drums, Percussion, Synths

Jeff Kaiser (talea 49): Trumpet/Laptop

Jackie Carrasco (Flocks): Violin

Adam Caine (Crackerdoodles): Electric Guitar

DJ D-Waves (Ditto No Ditto): Spin / Scratch

Folkert Gorter : Superfamous Design and Branding

Mastered by Wayne Peet, Killzone Music, Los Angeles, CA

Recorded in NYC/Brooklyn, NY and Trenton, NJ in 2006/2007


1. Talea 49 (5:46)

2. Agitprop (3:31)

3. Flocks (9:11)

4. Ditto No Ditto (8:22)

5. Crackerdoodles (5:06)

6. Orech’Yamim (8:25)

7. Une Beaute Simple Et Parfaite (4:48)

8. Bankiss (18:10)

Angry Vegan Records 007


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