Corpseboy and Justin Cassidy: Grain of the Voice (AVRCD008)

A labyrinthine exploration of voice, electronics and more electronics. From bone-crunching agressive noise to soft and bubbly caressing. A lovely first album by Corpseboy with experienced noisester Justin Cassidy.

A co-release of Angry Vegan Records and Paper Cuts Records.

Digital copies available here:

Grain of the Voice by Corpseboy and Justin Cassidy

Hard Copies available at this link from Paper Cuts Records

1. Primordial Skin 13:01

2. Grain of the Voice 10:40

3. Protoreflexivity 6:05

4. Intersensoriality 13:06

(c) 2009, Jeff Kaiser Music, ASCAP
(c) 2009, Justin Patrick SMR

Justin Cassidy:




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