Stephen Millard: Black Window (AVRCD001)

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The very first Angry Vegan Records release and debut album from experimental artist Stephen Millard presents a tantalizing web of subtle, sonic mystery and organic noise textures.

Black Window
Stephen Millard – electronics, piano, drones, voice
Eleni Colivas – voice
1. In Nothing Loss 4:53
2. Lovely Cracked Vase 6:32
3. Tabula Rasa 7:42
4. Peeling Skin 4:00
5. Through Suffocation 6:46
6. Awake From Nothing 7:44
Total Playing Time: 37:37

©2003 Acephalous Music, ASCAP
Recorded by Stephen Millard 6.02 – 8.02, Ventura, CA • Mastered by Jeff Kaiser • Design and Layout by Stephen Millard and Jeff Kaiser
Angry Vegan Records CD001