Corpseboy and Justin Cassidy: Grain of the Voice (AVRCD008)

Corpseboy and Justin Cassidy: Grain of the Voice (AVRCD008)

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A labyrinthine exploration of voice, electronics and more electronics. From bone-crunching agressive noise to soft and bubbly caressing. A lovely first album by Corpseboy with experienced noisester Justin Cassidy.

A co-release of Angry Vegan Records and Paper Cuts Records.

Digital copies available here:

Grain of the Voice by Corpseboy and Justin Cassidy

1. Primordial Skin 13:01

2. Grain of the Voice 10:40

3. Protoreflexivity 6:05

4. Intersensoriality 13:06

© 2009, Jeff Kaiser Music, ASCAP
© 2009, Justin Patrick SMR

A joint release of Angry Vegan Records and Paper Cuts Records


The Transhumans: Into the Maelstrom (PFMCD047)

Jeff Kaiser

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The Transhumans

Justin Cassidy: Electronics
Bob Sterling: Drums/Electronics
Patrick Rodriguez: Electronics

1. Loss (5:19)
2. Redemption (7:56)

3. Approach (14:19)
4. Passage (6:38)
5. Descent (8:17)
6. Forgotten Memories (12:18)

7. Perilous Journey (6:03)
8. Inner Voices* (6:01)
9. The Path of No Return (9:09)
*Explicit Content

Recorded Live
July 14 and 15, 2006 at Mysterious Lady Studios
Ventura, California
Mixed by The Transhumans
Mastered by Jeff Kaiser
Photography by Kendra
Album Design by Justin Cassidy
© 2007 RJS Music, ASCAP
© 2007 Justin Patrick SMR, ASCAP



William C. Harrington: Urban Electronic Music (AVRCD005)

William C. Harrington: Urban Electronic Music (AVRCD005)

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1. The Overture (5:00)
2. God Bless the Miners (3:40)
3. Enola Gay (4:30)
4. Cuckoo to You (3:57)
5. Belles I (0:40)
6. Remnants (5:14)
7. Jungle Birds (3:03)
8. Days Left (5:16)
9. Organ Song part 1 (6:01)
10. Belles II (2:01)
11. My Guitar (4:04)
12. BOX (3:48)
13. One For Nick (2:55)
14. I Slept Through Vespers (4:53)

Equipment used: Arp 2600, Kawai K4, E-mu Classic Keys, Roland VK-7, CA-30, CM-32L, soprano sax, electric guitar, bowed electric guitar, glass salad bowls, communion bells, cell phone, army bugle, Max/MSP, Radial, GarageBand, vocalizations and loops

Composed, realized, produced and engineered by William C. Harrington
All pieces recorded between 4/05 and 8/05 at the WCH Electronic Music Lab, except Enola Gay which was recorded in 1973 at Cal State Domiguez Hills Electronic Music Lab

Mastered by Scott Fraser at Architecture, Los Angeles, CA
Photos: William C. Harrington • Graphic Arts: Justin Cassidy
© 2006 William C. Harrington, ASCAP •

William C. Harrington was born January 10th, 1952 in Yonkers, New York. His grandmother played piano at silent movie theaters and had quite an influence on him: by the time he was a sophomore in high school, he was working as a professional musician playing parties, roller-skating rinks, and more.

While at Cal State Dominguez Hills (now UC Dominguez Hills) he studied composition, performance, and electronic music with Richard Bunger, who authored the classic book, “The Well Prepared Piano.”

After leaving college he worked in the wholesale record industry for two years before going on tour. First with Natalie Cole doing lighting, then with Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa (making a brief, credited appearance in Zappa’s movie, “Baby Snakes”), LTD, Rick Derringer, and Rick James, all in various technical positions.

In the 80’s he became the Supervisor of Operations, Videotape Operations, Paramount Pictures Corp. In that capacity, he received four ATAS Emmy certificates for contributions for “Cheers,” one for “The Arsenio Hall Show,” plus one for best sitcom, again, “Cheers.” In 1990 he became a freelance videotape engineer – doing videoasst, 24 frame playback – and Technical Director. Credits have included “Little Black Book” and “Alpha Dog” as well as several sitcoms.

Urban Electronic Music was constructed using loops recorded over a 30-year period, analog and digital synthesis, as well as traditional instruments and found objects.


Send My Regards: Grandmas Cookies (AVRCD004)

Send My Regards: Grandmas Cookies (AVRCD004)

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Justin Cassidy and Patrick Rodriguez: Electronic Devices

1 – STay Black – 3:31
2 – Don’t Feed Chinchilla – 5:06
3 – Warm Legs – 8:23
4 – Kimballism – 4:34
5 – LaDY Stay Dead – 6:29
6 – haLls – 5:41
7 – sOLD! – 3:36
8 – Manual LabOr – 9:08

All music composed and recorded by Justin Cassidy and Patrick Rodriguez
@2005 Justin Patrick SMR, ASCAP
Recorded and mixed at Patricio Studio, Oxnard, CA
Mastered at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA – Wayne Peet, Engineer