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  • Michael Vlatkovich: With You Jazz Cat (PFMCD142)
  • Guerino Mazzola / Alex Lubet: Subtle (PFMCD141)
    Alex Lubet: Three Strings And The Truth (PFMCD139)
  • Alex Smith, Determined Volumes, PFMCD140
    Alex Smith: Determined Volumes (PFMCD140)
  • Jeff Kaiser: Sitzfleisch I (PFMCD138)
  • Jeff Kaiser / David Borgo: KaiBorg: IntraActive (feat. Kjell Nordeson) (PFMCD137)
  • Jeff Kaiser: ZEITNOT V (PFMCD064)
  • Katie Hae Leo / Guerino Mazzola / Alex Lubet / Nick Zielinski / James E. Holdman: Negative Space (PFMCD136)
  • Sarah Belle Reid: Underneath and Sonder (PFMCD132)
  • Joshua Gerowitz's Dark Forest Theory (PFMCD134)
  • Sean Hamilton: Table for One (PFMCD135)
  • Lauren Nagaryu Rubin / Stephen Flinn: Rice Paper (PFMCD133)
  • Steve Adams / Vinny Golia Duo: The Philosophy of Air (PFMCD129)
  • Miller Wrenn's Escapist: Alternates (PFMCD121b)
  • PFMCD131
    Present Quartet: Routes, Paths, Courses (PFMCD131)
  • PFMCD130
    Michael Vlatkovich: 5 Winds: Five of Us (PFMCD130)
  • Wayne Peet Trio with Nels Cline and Russell Bizzett: What the? (PFMCD127)
  • Richard Valitutto / Dave Wilson: SLANT (PFMCD121)
  • The Vinny Golia Orchestra Live at REDCAT Los Angeles (PFMDVD123)
  • Glen Whitehead Trio: The Living Daylights (PFMCD125)
  • Guerino Mazzola / Heinz Geisser: Live at Le Classique (PFMCD126)
  • Andrew Raffo Dewar / John Hughes / Chad Popple: Reflejo (PFMCD122)
  • Danny Gouker: Signal Problems / Love Letters (PFMCD124)
  • Brad Henkel / Dustin Carlson: F$F / Forgotten Cities (PFMCD128)