The Transhumans: Into the Maelstrom (PFMCD047)


The Transhumans

Justin Cassidy: Electronics
Bob Sterling: Drums/Electronics
Patrick Rodriguez: Electronics

1. Loss (5:19)
2. Redemption (7:56)

3. Approach (14:19)
4. Passage (6:38)
5. Descent (8:17)
6. Forgotten Memories (12:18)

7. Perilous Journey (6:03)
8. Inner Voices* (6:01)
9. The Path of No Return (9:09)
*Explicit Content

Recorded Live
July 14 and 15, 2006 at Mysterious Lady Studios
Ventura, California
Mixed by The Transhumans
Mastered by Jeff Kaiser
Photography by Kendra
Album Design by Justin Cassidy
© 2007 RJS Music, ASCAP
© 2007 Justin Patrick SMR, ASCAP



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    THE TRANSHUMANS – Into The Maelstrom (pfMentum 047; USA) The Transhumans are a trio featuring Justin Cassidy & Patrick Rodriguez on electronics and Bob Sterling on drums & electronics. This disc was recorded live in the studio and consists of three main parts. Part One is called “Adrift” and it is an apt title for soft layers of drifting, queasy electronics. As the layers of electronics become denser, Bob’s powerful drums swirl at the center uplifting the trio to new heights. Part Two is called “Descent” and Mr. Sterling’s strong tom-tom (samples) is again at the center of the emerging storm. The electronics build and erupt together into an engaging mass of mesmerizing sounds, deeper and darker as it evolves. Bob’s drums often hold things together or anchor the electronic soundscape as they slowly evolve. Part Three is entitled “Drunken Boat”, it is a slower, more spaciously rocking piece. There is something quite hypnotic about this piece, I especially dig the goofy alien, spoken word voice that narrates and tells a rather twisted story – BLG [Bruce Lee Gallanter]
    From: Downtown Music Gallery
    3rd St & Bowery, NYC
    DMG NEWSLETTER FOR MAY 25th, 2006 * * *

    I have a personal, internal ‘language’ that I mentally use to understand and categorize music. One of my ideas is about the “dynamic” of instruments– the thing that makes three bands playing guitar/bass/drums into rock, country, and jazz outfits. I’ve long been interested in groups that play with this dynamic is some new way, so I was pleased to hear The Transhumans “Into the Maelstrom,” recently released on the pfMentum label.
    I’ll admit, there aren’t a lot of established dynamic structures for trios consisting of electronics and drums, but there are still many unexpected surprises. For me, the biggie was Bob Sterling’s drumming. With synth/sampler players Justin Cassidy and Patrick Rodriguez presenting a complex miasma of field recordings, liquid tones, and clatter; Sterling’s drums are surely left with little to propel. To my ears, it sounds as though Sterling rises above this, taking more of a leading role.
    In lesser hands, this might be disasterous, but Sterling proves to be a drummer worthy of his surname. There’s a lot of jazz influence here, but it’s more of a jumping-off point, and certainly doesn’t reduce this simply. But enough about the drumming; I need to tell you about this disc.
    It’s difficult to listen to, and I mean that in the most real way possible.
    “ Into the Maelstrom” does what very, very few albums manage to do, and that’s truly affect the listener. Sure, there are a huge number of releases that can make you dance or shed a couple tears– but how many can you actually say really made you tense, exhausted, or relieved to find pause? How many times have you ever realized you were holding your breath while listening? This is what it’s like to go into the maelstrom.
    Either my basic humanity is very much suspect, or The Transhumans are onto something phenomenal with this release. In my opinion, the only thing working against it is the cover art, which completely fails to convey any sense of the incredible music within.
    JULY 27, 2007 * * *

    Excellent psyche noise, experimental electronics, noise tempered with jazzy drums, creative bass and guitar playing. A good chunk is indeed layered noise but there are moments of avante jazz. Best however is an entire section that comes across as the best psyche-noise you’ll hear this side of KFJC or Aquarius. The cd has a live-improv feel to it, being recorded in Three “parts”: part 1 (tracks 1-2) is spooky, noisey; part 2 (tracks 3-6) get more intense; if you want to go for the jugular go directly to part 3 (tracks 7-9) as they come across more musical, psyche, cerebral, like a Do Make Say Think on extra strength acid, an Acid Mothers Temple on thorazine.
    1) spooky feel, with clanging sounds, subliminal/whispered voices
    2) drums and guitar appear, drums kick into a near-jazz ride cymbal cruise beat
    3) begins very percussive, big hollow drum, evolves to more of a layered noise feel, but the drum is always there, midway, into the second half a more urgent, jam feel appears but doesn’t last
    4) noisey electronics, upped a notch
    5) starts off almost wind-like but quickly layers into a quite hypnotic looping noise/drone, drums arise after 3 minutes into a moderate jazzy gallop tone
    6) continuation of previous, drums a bit more assertive, jazz, ends on a droney note
    7) a slow mindful jam begins, exploring the realms of reality and cool noises, continues directly into next track
    8) FCCs, continuation of previous, a treated pitched changed voice appears rather buried, but its laced with potty mouth, definitely okay for safe harbor and nearly okay elsewhere as long as you pot it down after it goes a few minutes
    9) killer psyche, continuation of previous, with scream-like tones
    I totally enjoyed the Transhumans CD. A unique lineup with powerful results. It’s really unlike anything else I’ve heard, so bravo for that.
    MAY 26, 2007
    Don Campau
    No Pidgeonholes Radio

    * * *
    ” TheTranshumans, a three-piece aural assault committed to expanding the boundaries of music and sound even further than their individual components have done alone. Describing the band in conventional terms would be a futile activity. It’s best to just experience them for yourself..” Ventura County Reporter “Pick of the Week” (10-26-2006)

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