Paul Stapleton and Simon Rose: FAUNA (PFMCD074)



Paul Stapleton: bonsai sound sculpture (BoSS)

Simon Rose: baritone/alto saxophones

Borealis 6:35
Felt 7:36
Deep 10:25
Zwischenfall 2:30
Shift 8:36
Zeiteinheit 4:44
Set 4:23
Vertreiben 5:13

All music © 2013 Simon Rose and
Paul Stapleton (PRS)

Recorded and mixed by Elmar Susse
22 September 2011
Hoffnungskirche, Pankow, Berlin

Mastered by Paul Stapleton
Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

Photograph and cover design
Matilde Meireles

The Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS)
is a portable modular musical instrument
(Paul Stapleton and Neil Fawcett, 2010)
combining a repurposed turntable,
DIY electronics, amplified metallic
percussion and strings.

…like some old, forgotten animal from the beginning of time,
silence towers above all the puny world of noise; but as a living
animal, not an extinct species, it lies in wait, and we can still see
its broad back sinking ever deeper among the briers and bushes
of the world of noise. It is as though this pre-historic creature
were gradually sinking into the depths of its own silence. And
yet sometimes all of the world today seems like the mere buzzing
of insects on the broad back of silence.

Max Picard (1989)



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    Journal d’écoute / Listening Diary 2013-09-16

    FAUNA / Fauna (pfMENTUM) Très belle collaboration entre le saxophoniste Simon Rose et Paul Stapleton, qui fabrique et joue des sculptures sonores bonzaï. Beau mariage d’idées et de sonorités entre saxo alto/baryton et percussions métalisées, donc. Un jeu riche et soigné. J’aime.

    Very fine collaboration between sax player Simon Rose and Paul Stapleton, who makes and plays bonsai sound sculptures. Nice blend of ideas and sonics between alto/baritone sax and metal percussion. Rich and thoughtful playing.

    –François Couture,

    FAUNA – Paul Stapleton & Simon Rose
    Review in French Language By Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg
    Translated by Palem Candillier

    This is a great free music record, it sounds as experimental and furious than during the FMP / INCUS / RING era… but terrifically modern ! Paul Stapleton plays a jaw-dropping Bonsai Sound Scuplture (BoSS) while Simon Rose is performing with his baryton & alto saxos with a first-class energy and sense of harmonics. BoSS is, a portable modular musical instrument (Paul Stapleton & Neil Fawcett 2010) combining a repurposed turntable, DIY electronics, amplified metallic percussion and strings. This duet offers a non-concessional free music, shares and sublimes a sonic adventure. The first time the record is over, you just want more. With enjoyment, Paul Stapleton’s music makes us think of legendary Hugh Davies’ ludic sound universe (Felt’s opening). But this doesn’t change anything of the fact that I let myself sink into this duet’s evil conversation. This is a best kind of improvised music, either you’re more into its global soundscaping or its very musical quality along the many blazing improvisations that have been recorded on a Berlin show. Simon Rose gets angrier while he makes his baryton bark (or trumpet) to some kind of gritty basses. Circular respiration is used to transform the sound or slide from an harmonic to another, with a great feeling for details and the ability of whistling at the edge of silence or for a complete loud outbreak. His partner has the solid imagination required to make his machine talk. Their perfect independence of these two improvisators and their ability to play in such different genres and coordinate their efforts stimulates any listening (both normal listeners and musicians), and push the two artists to take off towards a permanently unsatisfied research. They literally do the splits in their inspiration but always gather on magical and unexpected convergences. This is a very remarkable duet. Many famous people playing so-called “free” improvised music don’t perform any better and sound any more interesting. Therefore, if you enjoy real free improvised music, with no additive, go and get this wonderful FAUNA and its authors.

    PS : Please do have a look on Rose’s Schmetterling, where he plays solo on baryton (Not Two) and Procession, on alto sax (FMR), who are two major records.

    Fauna – //////// (CD, pfMENTUM, Experimental/modern classical)
    Fauna is the duo of Paul Stapleton and Simon Rose…and the strangely-titled //////// is a very peculiar album recorded by the two. The album features strange spontaneous creations in which the two musicians feed off each other’s energies…and allow anything to happen. Stapleton is credited with playing the bonsai sound sculpture (BoSS) and Rose plays baritone and alto saxophones. These tracks are sparse…and we get the impression that they were recorded live with no overdubs. Eight tracks of experimental sounds here that will best be appreciated by those into the strange and more artsy realms of music. Eight intriguing cuts…sounds range from bizarre to spooky…and then splinter off into other parallel universes. Eight smart tracks including “Borealis,” “Deep,” “Shift,” and “Vertreiben.” Purely puzzling material for adventurous listeners…

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