Michael Vlatkovich / Anna Homler / Jeff Kaiser / Scott Walton / Rich West: Here & Here & Here (PFMCD084)


Michael Vlatkovich: trombone, percussion
Anna Homler: vocal, percussion
Jeff Kaiser: trumpet, flugelhorn
Scott Walton: acoustic bass
Rich West: drums, percussion

1. Dragon Beware (2:47)
2. Here & Here & Here (7:28)
3. Red Coda Soft (8:21)
4. Before But After (2:09)
5. Spark (5:20)
6. Big Doors Little Windows (3:49)
7. Oranger Than Happiness (3:10)
8. Round Triangles (3:41)
9. Your Ark Is Waiting (2:39)
10. Three In Front Four in Back Toes (2:41)
11. Salute (1:41)
12. Choir hose 293 (3:02)
13. Pfazzu (2:48)
14. Thunderous Silence (3:33)
15. Potozo (2:44)
Recorded 1-20-14 edited, mixed & mastered 2-4-14
Newzone Studio Los Angeles Wayne Peet engineer
Photos Julia Fitzgerald * Layout Jeff Kaiser



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    Trombonist Michael Vlatkovich leads acoustic sessions in the free jazz mode on his two recent
    CDs. A look at some of the tune titles, especially from the first recording, makes it no surprise
    that Vlatkovich’s original music has a non-standard or enigmatic character. (1), released in
    2013, features Vlatkovich and trumpeter Jim Knodle over an open-sounding two-piece rhythm
    section of Phil Sparks on bass and Greg Campbell on drums. It is a mostly unencumbered set,
    occasionally with some recognizable musical structure (as on “fools, drunks & angels”) and
    interaction of horns (on “i liberate monsters”). On his more recent 2014 recording (2),
    Vlatkovich employs a quintet, with vocalist Anna Homler freely providing unusual vocal sounds
    on several selections. Vlatkovich and trumpet/flugelhornist Jeff Kaiser form an interesting duo
    on “Round Triangles” and on other selections play off each other with support from Scott
    Walton on bass and Rich West on drums and percussion. Vlatkovich and Homler double on
    percussion, so that three group members were available to provide sounds such as tapping,
    clicking, ringing, squeaking, and jungle and animal sounds which may be heard frequently
    throughout the recording.

    Don Lerman, January 20, 2014 | Cadence Jazz Magazine

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