Jeff Kaiser and Vinny Golia: Ganz Andere (PFMCD001)


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Ganz Andere

Jeff Kaiser: trumpet, ocarinas, guitar, voice and electronics.

Vinny Golia: piccolo, Chinese membrane flute, Bb clarinet, contra-alto clarinet and tenor sax

Robert Fludd: Art

1) Mysterium Tremendum 02:08

2) Moral Geometry I 08:37

3) Yellow Light Surrounding Shadow Outline of Large Man 06:08

4) Mysterium Fascinans 02:16

5) Son of God in Garage with Rat 09:16

6) Majestas 02:05

7) Man with Spider in Mouth 06:22

8) Ganz Andere 04:48

9) Coffin-like Hymns to God 04:13

10) Moral Geometry II 05:10

11.) Templum-Tempus 11:16

total 62:40

Released 01 January 1999



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1 review for Jeff Kaiser and Vinny Golia: Ganz Andere (PFMCD001)

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    “‘Ganz Andere’ draws on Kaiser’s skill in blending sampling and synthesis in an electronic setting, stirred in with the real-time sound of his own improvisational trumpet voice and woodwinds by noted Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia…The CD itself is another important entry in the annals of Kaiser’s music, darkly mysterious, laced with humor and fundamentally experimental in structure and texture. The electronica dives deep, resists the easy seduction of rhythmic pulse and keeps the issue of real versus canned sound sources a matter of surrealistic guesswork.”

    –Josef Woodard, L.A. Times, VC, 23 April 1999

    “Jeff Kaiser’s Ganz Andere is wonderful: formal but sonically wide, and the natural sounds Golia makes amid the production of synthesis separates the music from someone like Xenakis.”

    –Lazaro Vega, Blue Lake Public Radio, 15 July 1999

    “Some music invites listeners to get up and dance. Composer Jeff Kaiser does not make that kind of music. What Kaiser does create is New Music, electro-acoustic pastiches of jazz trumpet, world-music instruments, spoken word and sound samples run through a battery of processors…on the recording of ‘Ganz Andere,’ Kaiser’s latest exploration of time, space, spirituality and secularism.”

    –Lisa McKinnon, Ventura County Star, Time Out, 30 April 1999

    “Noisy, chaotic improv with a jazzy edge, using trumpets, flutes and clarinets along with electronics and samples. I really like Jeff’s wacky titles, such as ‘Son of God in Garage with Rat’ and ‘Man with Spider in Mouth’. But the music has to work too, and this does.”

    –Bryce Moore, DJ, Difficult Listening, Perth, Australia, 18 July 1999

    “I was delighted to discover that Jeff Kaiser’s Cement Buddhas, which I reviewed recently, represented Kaiser at his most accessible. Ganz Andere is more random, an improvisational beast that for the most part eschews traditional melodies or musical structures in favor of heavily-treated interaction between trumpet, wind instruments and assorted sampled sounds and voices. Multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia makes an able foil for Kaiser, and together they delight in the headlong collision of sonic textures while retaining an ear for listenability. Ambiances Magnetiques fans will dig this.”

    –George Zahora,, 10 February 2000

    “This truely eccentric work manages to combine elements of jazz, world music, avant-classical and glitch electronics into a strange hymn to sacred time. Kaiser and his cohort, Vinny Golia play a variety of intersting instruments. From trumpets, clarinets, saxaphones to piccolo and chinese membrane flute. Along with these instruments they deconstruct a variety of sample sources. Steel, stone, wood and amateur band voice and instrumental sounds are combined in interesting ways. “Son of god in Garage with Rat” sounds like a collaboration between Oval and Sun Ra. A lot of the clarinet sounds are very haunting and provide interesting melodic counterpoints to the much more abrasive trumpeting. These elements play chase games with skipping cd sounds and granulated samples. The chinese membrane flute adds a very eastern flavour to the magnificent epic sounding “Yellow Light Surrounding Shadow Outline of Large Man”. While some of it is quite peaceful, quite a lot explodes into chaos with “Mysterium Tremendum” bursting out of the speakers like a noisy attention-deficit child. All of this is packaged in a quite pretty raffia coloured sleeve featuring some intriguing alchemical equations. An interesting trip for those interested in the more chaotic amalgamation of varied musicks!”

    –][oyd Barrett, Atmospheric Disturbances, Brisbane, Australia, May 2000


    Track “Templum-Tempus”, Runner up, PALMARES du 26e Concours International de Musique Electroacoustique, Bourges, France – 1999


    Track “Ganz Andere” performed at the 1999 National Conference of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States. Held at San Jose State University, California.

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