Jeff Kaiser: Excerpts from the Prince (BTCD0295)


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Excerpts from the Prince

All tracks composed and performed by Jeff Kaiser (trumpet, voice and electronics)

This music was created for The Prince, a theater work

Written, staged and directed by Taylor Kasch

Based on Niccolo Machiavelli’s book of the same title

Art Direction: Ted Killian

Photography: Chris Jensen

Recording Engineer: Tim Frantz

All selections ©1995 Jeff Kaiser ASCAP


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1 review for Jeff Kaiser: Excerpts from the Prince (BTCD0295)

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    “Kaiser’s CD (Excerpts from the Prince)…is a seamless and somewhat disturbing dreamscape that reflects well on Kaiser’s skill in weaving acoustic and electronic materials. The swirling assemblage of sampled sounds, trumpet flourishes, and ghostly voices conjures up a hypnotic ambience, with murmuring sonic activity oozing up from some subconscious place.”

    –Los Angeles Times, 21 September 1995

    “Excerpts from the Prince finds trumpeter JEFF KAISER composing and playing all instruments including tpt, electronics, samples and god knows what else. Created for a theater work, it’s an intriguing piece that shows Kaiser to be a musician of imagination and intelligence.”

    –Cadence, July 1996

    “Kaiser’s acoustic instrument is the trumpet, but he is clearly something of a studio wizard as well…Kaiser’s work provides tantalizing glimpses of an interesting musical intelligence…I’d like to hear more of Kaiser’s work.”

    –Option, July-August 1996

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