Hannes Giger and Joey Oz: Hear…or what? (PFMCD002)

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Hannes Giger: contrabass

Joey Oz: vibes and percussion

HEAR is an ongoing collaboration that began in 1994. All the music is improvised with some of the pieces based on minimal formal or thematic concepts. Besides playing the traditional sounds of vibes and contrabass, the HEAR musicians spend a lot of time expanding the sonic vocabulary of their instruments. Spoken words have also begun to find their way into the HEAR performance.

Erich “Joey Oz” Fischer lives in Aarau, Switzerland. He studied trumpet, percussion and timpani at the conservatory in Zurich and attended the Berklee college of Music in Boston in 1992. He teaches drum set at the Music Academy Basel and since 1988 has worked in a variety of jazz, latin and rock bands as vibraphonist, composer and arranger.

Hannes Giger, lives in Los Angeles, California. He studied contrabass at conservatories in Basel and Geneva, Switzerland, at the University of Cincinnati and the University of California, San Diego. Since 1991 he has performed in the United States, Asia and Europe and has ventured into a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary music, from traditional music to free jazz and performance art.



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    “The duo HEAR are obviously very comfortable with one another as friends and musicians (able to put their instruments down and stage a mock-conference at great length right in the middle of one piece). Clowning is an important aspect of their music, but it’s a very musical clowning (remember the strange German clown in that Jim Jarmusch movie “Night on Earth” who proves that he’s a clown by playing music). And as compliment to the humor, they play pieces with beautiful bowed chords, melancholy and aplomb.”

    –Dan Plonsey

    “Joey Oz (vibes, percussion) and Hannes Giger (bass) get all radical and far-out at times, but what they like to do is best summed up by track one, Ballad in A Minor, as sweet a miniature as you’ll hear from two such players.”

    –Richard Cook, The Wire, September 1999

    “I overheard a conversation the other day. It was recorded by the duo HEAR, Joey Oz and Hannes Giger. Not knowing where it started or how it ends, their banter was an inside joke that I understood. The forty-seven tracks comprising this release include 30 musical haikus. But even the longer pieces are fragments of thoughts. Scraps of conversations, like lines from favorite movies repeated so often you forgot what movie and who were the actors…Why wait for a concept, a score, a producer, some industry executive, a public relations team, and, of course, a music video to present a musician’s art? Oz and Giger sit facing each other, laughing joking, and playing. Like the Futurist musician Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, HEAR takes sounds out of the confinements of music or speech to delve into thought and feeling.”

    –Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

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