Emily Hay / Brad Dutz / Wayne Peet (PFMCD043)


Emily Hay: Flute, Alto Flute, Vocals, Fx
Wayne Peet: Piano, Organ, Theremin
Brad Dutz: Percussion

Recorded 04-02-05
Edited 06-06-05
Mixed And Mastered 02-04-06
Newzone Sudio, Los Angeles
Wayne Peet, Engineer

Cover Painting By Kaoru: Untitled #61
Graphic Assistance: Ted Killian
Record Executive: Jeff Kaiser
Brad thanks: Yamaha, Vic Firth, Paiste, Factory Metal Percussion, Remo, Roland

#1. Bean Dip 5:57
#2. Filthy Washer 5:08
#3. It Can Be Thick 5:03
#4. Metamorphasize 9:43
#5. Coming! 8:17
#6. Hot Japanese Water 4:44
#7. Amnesia Dealer 8:26
#8. A Lotta T’s 6:35
#9. Possum 12:27

© Emily Hay, Emily Hay Music, BMI
© Brad Dutz, Leaky Spleen Music, BMI
© Wayne Peet, Killzone Music, BMI



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    Formerly a member of the L.A.-based prog bands Motor Totemist Guild and 5UU’s, this is flutist, Emily Hays’ second disc for pfMentum. Both Brad Dutz and Wayne Peet have numerous discs out on Nine Winds and pfMentum as leaders and collaborators. This is a superbly recorded and well-balanced trio offering that shows the variety of sounds that this trio is capable of, as well as the constantly changing combinations of instruments. Wayne Peet’s organ often adds a sly, ‘Bitches Brew’-like vibe while Emily’s flutes and voice sail on top and Brad’s inspired percussion sets the pace underneath. All three players selectively use space so that they can set up a mood with a minimum of notes. Although this date appears to be all improvised in the studio, the trio come up with some consistently engaging sounds, moods and music for the duration of this long disc. – BLG, Downtown Music Gallery

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