Colter Frazier and Rob Wallace Duo (PFMCD048)


Tenor Sax: Colter Frazier
Percussion: Rob Wallace

1. Prelude (5:38)
2. The Creek (6:55)
3. Banana Sandwich (5:56)
4. Ballad (6:12)
5. TGC (8:03)
6. Factory (8:33)
7. Vignette 1 (1:46)
8. Vignette 2 (1:30)
9. Vignette 3 (1:16)
10. The Window (3:40)

All Music © 2007 Colter Frazier Music (ASCAP) and RNAWALLACE MUSIC (ASCAP)

Special thanks to Steve Jay, Miles Jay, Wayne Peet, Jeff Kaiser,
Tessa Dickinson, Ted Coe, Danielle Siano, and YOU.
These improvisations were recorded by Miles Jay at Muse Ranch on March 18th, 2007. They were mixed by Miles Jay and mastered by Wayne Peet at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, on July 30th, 2007.
CD tray photo by Ted Coe. Inner sleeve photo by Tessa Dickinson. Graphic Design by Danielle Siano.



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    COLTER FRAZIER/ROB WALLACE – Colter Frazier/Rob Wallace Duo (pfMentum 048; USA) Featuring Colter Frazier on tenor sax and Rob Wallace on percussion. This is yet another disc from pfMentum featuring musicians I am not yet familiar with. This is an acoustic duo recording and it begins with a warm, laid back intro called “Prelude” for simmering tenor sax and spacious drums & cymbals. The mallets-on-drums build to a near frenzy midway, while the tenor plays with warmth and clarity. “The Creek” flows freely yet is most somber, organic and quietly haunting. There is a strong balance and an organic flow that goes back and forth between these two gifted players. “Ballad” is especially lovely, lyrical and softly soulful. I dig how there is an almost hidden melody at the center of “TGC,” one that you could hum along to if you were so inclined. I also like that this duo doesn’t feel the need to scream and bathe in the ghost of “free jazz”. They are still able to make magic music and communicate freedom, subtly and with a sympathetic connection to the inner spirits.

    – BLG,

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