Bubbeleh (PFMCD082)


Andrew Conrad: Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Greg Zilboorg: Trumpet
Lauren Baba: Violin, Viola
Max Kutner: Guitar
Philip Rankin: Wurlitzer, Synthesizer, Melodica, Pump Organ, Tack Piano, Clave, Guiro
Rusty Kennedy: Bass
Colin Woodford: Drums, Congas, Shakers, Rattles, and Ankle Bells

1. Dybbuk Square Dance 3:29
2. Fear of Heights 5:07
3. Schmutzy Glasses 5:26
4. Woulda…Coulda…MESHUGGAH!!! 3:44
5. (An Honest) Living 2:19
6. Choots-Pah 3:55
7. Grepse 4:17
8. Simcha Boytchik Hintele (Puppy Party) 3:35
9. Mosesque 6:56
10. Bubberella 4:30
11. Czytzfachykz 4:54

1, 2, 5, 9, 10 composed by Max Kutner, © 2014 Maladept Music, ASCAP

4, 6, 7, 8 composed by Philip Rankin, © 2014 Jewish Shark Attack, ASCAP

3 composed by Greg Zilboorg, © 2014 Shouting Dog, ASCAP

11 composed by Rusty Kennedy, © 2014 Jewish Shark Attack, ASCAP

Recorded by Samur Khouja at Seahorse Sound Studios, Los Angeles, August 20-22, 2013
Assistant Engineer: Alex DeGroot
Mixed by Brian Saia, October-December 2013
Mastered by John Baffa at TVTray Studios, Simi Valley, CA, December 2013
Produced by Maxwell Ryan דוד Kutner and Philip Jason שַׂמֵחַ Rankin
Executive Producer: William Ross Gibson
Associate Producer: Debra Fredericks, Tamasaurus Rex
Logo by Dawn Chan * Layout and design by J. Carver

Max and Phil would like to thank the band: Greg, Rusty, Lauren, Andrew and Colin. Everyone who helped record this album: Samur, John and especially Brian. KT Pierce for photography and building our website. Phil would like to thank his Mother, Jill; his Father, David; his sister Michele; and his dog, Max. Max would like to thank his family: Leslie, Samantha, Stephanie, Art and Michael for their tireless, inexhaustible support and encouragement. Most importantly we would like to thank everybody who donated to our Indiegogo Campaign. This album would not have been made possible without your generous donations.



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    Los Angeles-based seven-piece band Bubbeleh taught us what we need to know about klezmer and four more things we uncovered from listening to their self-titled debut record.

    1. Klezmer. Full stop.
    I had no idea what klezmer was. I still don’t know what it is, other than it’s Balkan/Eastern European music. Listening to it, I feel like a gypsy, shawl wrapped around me, swaying to the manic notes with lines of poetry dancing through my head. You can write to it. It makes you feel more creative, powerful, crazy and hypnotised at the same time. Bubbeleh do it well. Pair with some good wine and a felt hat and you’re sorted.

    2. It should be a soundtrack.
    A zany soundtrack to a cartoon. Can you picture a cartoon cat-and-mouse chase to ‘Grepse’? It’s vibrant and full of movement.

    3. It doesn’t need words lyrics.
    From frothy moments to escalating and meandering movements — like lulling waves that crash dramatically — the instrumentals warmly wash over listeners without the use of words. A skill in itself.

    4. I’m pretty sure if I had lived in Eastern Europe, this would remind me of the mother country.
    My background is Ukrainian, so I do feel like some of this is from the “home country” when my grandma used to play her Ukrainian music tapes. But listen to Bubbeleh’s ‘Moseque’ — it switches to a plodding pace that feels like walking through streets paved in cobblestone, holding some gold coins trailed by a goat named Sapphire with glossy chocolate-and-white fur. Just listen to it and make up your own story.

    5. Improvsation and interplay of instruments can be fun.
    It’s not messy, it’s jazzy, dizzying, playful and jittery. It feels like everything is infused with caffeine and the world is spinning, slowly then fast. Similar to a carousel when you’ve had too much vodka — the dazzling lights paired with the movement of the horses sends you to a dream-like state or another world altogether. It’s that sort of feeling when the instruments and the melodies collide and tangle together on Bubbeleh’s record.

    Angela Allan | Soot Magazine

    (Full disclosure: I met Max – who plays in Bubbeleh – at Bluesfest. He is a member of the Grandmothers of Invention. We drank red wine and watched Jeff Beck together. Oh yes, some days I like to name drop. But that’s another story.)

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