don’t make a mess on my Edgar suit

Jeff Kaiser

“don’t make a mess on my Edgar suit” from Music for Woodwinds, Strings, Piano, and Percussion by Vinny Golia. Track 5 of 10.

Little Mathletes

Jeff Kaiser

“Little Mathletes” from Part Pack Ice by Adam Hopkins. Track 2 of 7.

Jungle Gym (Fast)

Jeff Kaiser

“Jungle Gym (Fast)” from Building Blocks by Ethan Sherman. Track 7 of 9.


Jeff Kaiser

“West” from Quadrants by Dave Ballou. Released: 2017. Track 4 of 4. Genre: Experimental.

Encantamiento III

Jeff Kaiser

“Encantamiento III” from Encantimientos by Andrew Raffo Dewar – Andrea Centazzo – Anne LeBaron.

Tim Perkis and Scott Walton: Applied Cryptography (PFMCD106)

Jeff Kaiser

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applied cryptography
tim perkis – electronics • scott walton – piano

01 oblique compact 4:08
02 naked egg 4:57
03 dominion 1:41
04 merkle’s knapsack 3:10
05 subliminal channel 2:38
06 partial ordering 2:44
07 normal form 5:44
08 possible objects A 1:44
09 possible objects B 2:17
10 blind signature 5:42
11 zero-knowledge proof 1:31

all compositions ©2016 tim perkis (BMI) and scott walton (ASCAP)
recorded (august 2014) and mixed (july 2015) by philip perkins
mastered (july 2016) by wayne peet
artwork: sophie plassard (
photo: jeff kellem (
design and layout: jeff kaiser ( •


blind signature

Jeff Kaiser

“blind signature” from Applied Cryptography by Tim Perkis and Scott Walton. Track 10 of 11.

Quentin Tolimieri: Piano (PFMCD105)

Jeff Kaiser

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Quentin Tolimieri : Piano

1. pointslinesplanes 6:57
2. changing/same 16:04
3. shorty 1:39
4. green dolphin st. 5:07
5. fours and ones 7:39
6. different weights and sizes 4:27
7. well you needn’t 3:14
8. fin 9:30

Quentin Tolimieri: Piano

Recorded and mastered by Jim Clouse at Park West Studios, Brooklyn NY on 2 November 2015 and 23 November 2015

Album design by Scott Gaynor

Cover photo: Cookie Cutter by Allen Lai
Interior photo: 2014_02_06_lhr-ewr_391w_ by Doc Searls
Both images available under a Creative Commons Attribution license

All tracks © Quentin Tolimieri (ASCAP) 2015, except On Green Dolphin Street by Kaper/Washington, © Patti Washington Music/Shapiro Bernstein OBO Catherine Hinen Music/BMG Gold Songs OBO Primary Wave Songs and and Well You Needn’t by T. Monk, Regent Music Corporation. Used by Permission. All rights reserved.